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Naagin 3 22nd July June 2018 Full Episode 16

Watch videos Drama Naagin 3 22nd July 2018 Full Episode 16 HD by Colors Tv, Hindi Serial Naagin 3 Voot all complete episodes , Watch Free Naagin 3 – 22 July 2018 Online.
Show Name  : Naagin Season 3
Video Source : Official Jw Player
Telecast Date : 22nd July 2018
Video Owner : Colors Tv and Voot
Telecast Time: 8 PM

Naagin 3 22nd July 2018

Bela and Rehaan come out of the ladies loo. Mahir sees them laughing and coming out from there and gets upset. Rehaan says I will bring Jamini and asks Mahir about the bill. Mahir says you have entertained me and I gave you this treat. Rehaan goes to call jamini. Mahir says I should thank Rehaan for making you laugh.

ACP thinks rich are mad and thinks Anu is like her father. He sits on his chair and sees a snake on the CCTV coverage. He thinks of Anu telling him about Icchadhari Naagin and believes in her story and thinks Bela is a wonder. Kuhu, RJ and Boltu search Jamini’s room. Anu tells them that Yuvi and Adi are in danger. She tells that Rehaan didn’t talk to me since he returned. Adi comes out of the box and tries to call Kuhu and RJ, but nobody hears them. He is about to say in the

mic when Jamini comes and picks Adi in her hand. Kuhu, RJ and others leave. Rehaan thanks Mahir for taking them on double date. Mahir looks on. ACP comes to meet Andy and Sumitra and says you are partying when your son is missing. Andy says he must be with his girlfriend Raavi Saluja in New Zealand. He says Yuvi is spoilt and does this. ACP tries to find out about Adi.

Rehaan comes to Bela. Bela teases him. Vish comes in her avatar and tells that Jamini made her mad. Bela says how you will make her tell the truth. Vish says I will make her say and asks her to stop laughing. She says if you can’t killMahir today then you will lose the bet. Bela says I have planned to kill Mahir, he will die in an accident, he will fall down from the terrace and die. Vish asks her to hurry up. She changes her avatar to Rehaan again and comes to Jamini’s room. He hears Jamini talking about Bela and asks what she said.

Mahir is changing the clothes. Bela comes there and asks why he did he change your clothes when I come to the room. Mahir asks why she feels uncomfortable with him and not with Rehaan. He asks if she is repenting to make him last minute husband and asks if someone forced her to marry him and now if someone asking her to do something. Jamini tells Rehaan that she saw him sitting with Bela and says she will not talk to him. Rehaan says sorry and plays the song. Mahir and Bela hear the music. Bela says Rehaan must have played for Jamini.

Jamini and Rehaan (Vish) dance with each other. Vish feels uncomfortable dancing with Jamini. Raat Akeli Hai Song plays…..Jamini acts to woo him while dancing. Vish gets tensed. Jamini thinks he is not Rehaan, else he would have come close to me. Vish hides. Jamini holds his hand and tells that you are not Rehaan and asks if Bela came in his life. Mahir asks Bela how she can be so sure that Rehaan played the music. Bela says it is just her thought. Jamini asks him to give her all rights. Vish thinks she is ready to lose the bet, but will not accept her condition. Rehaan says we have to wait till our marriage and says I really love you. He says I will just be back.

Mahir holds Bela’s hand. He asks if Rehaan was in her life since the beginning or came just now. He says I have seen love for him in your eyes. Bela asks what and says if it is true also you shall not have any problem.

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